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Aeroflot's new strategy until 2028 provides for a reduction in tariffs and an increase in air transportation
The general director of the country's largest airline Aeroflot, Vitaly Savelyev, presented to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin the company's development strategy until 2028 and plans to restore air traffic after the pandemic. The Prime Minister proposed the airline to expand the geography of international and Russian flights as part of the development of domestic tourism. If the goals are achieved, the price of air tickets will decrease by a third.
Aeroflot's new strategy until 2028 provides for a reduction in tariffs and an increase in air transportation
Russian airlines will recover faster than the global airline industry

"We are already recovering. I can say that at the moment we are making about 300 flights a day. This is not enough, we usually make 800, but we already carry about 30-33 thousand people a day. Usually we transport 110-120 thousand," - said the head of Aeroflot.

International flights will resume soon and air travel will recover to its previous size. Aeroflot was also a premium segment, "Saveliev noted. But Pobeda's subsidiary is a classic low-cost airline and can already compete with world air carriers, and its advantage will grow if it flies on Aeroflot's international routes. the company of the Aeroflot group, Russia, will focus on social areas, on “flat rates, and on the operation of domestic equipment ... It will have 250 aircraft, of which 235 are Russian planes.

What does Aeroflot's new strategy envisage?

"In our new strategy, we want Aeroflot to focus on long-haul flights in order to make it a five-star company. And Pobeda, joining Aeroflot's routes, will significantly change the picture due to cheap tickets."

Pobeda plans to carry 55-65 million passengers annually by 2027-2028, and its fleet will grow to 170 aircraft. Aeroflot plans to carry 35-40 million passengers a year. Rossiya Airlines - about 30 million.

In this case, the Aeroflot group can claim a place in the ten largest airlines, - Saveliev said, presenting the company's development strategy to the head of government. In general, the Aeroflot group plans to transport over 100 million people.

"We can actually transport 130 million ... we can reduce prices in economy class by 30%."

Pobeda is already offering air tickets cheaper than others, and in the future, due to an increase in the frequency of flights on Aeroflot's routes and expansion into the international market, it is possible to reduce the cost of air tickets by a third. "Pobeda" serves aircraft between flights 2 times faster than others.

"If we operate the car for about 10-11 hours a day, then Pobeda is the world champion, it uses the car 14 hours a day. All these parameters allow us to say that Pobeda can today give prices better than those that exist in the market. That is why we are talking about a 30% reduction in these prices. "

The Prime Minister advised Aeroflot to take part in the development of domestic tourism - to increase the frequency of flights and open new routes and set "reasonable fares." This will allow the airline to expand its geography of flights and help it gain a foothold in the ten largest airlines in the world. The state helps Aeroflot and expects the airline to help develop domestic tourism. The government provided airlines with 23.4 billion rubles to compensate for costs due to downtime during the peak of the pandemic, Aeroflot was provided with state guarantees for loans in the amount of 70 billion rubles.

"You just spoke about the need to increase the number of flights - pay special attention to the development of tourism this summer. Today we are doing a lot to support special places, we are opening the tourist season in Russia, and Aeroflot could be a good helper, of course. , at reasonable rates in terms of transporting our citizens to these places, points within Russia, "Mishustin emphasized. “And then, accordingly, when you enter the international market, I hope that many of these routes can remain.”

In 2019, the Aeroflot Group carried 60.7 million passengers and is one of the twenty largest airlines in the world. "Victory" last year carried 10.3 million people.
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