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At least 26 thousand families will receive another 12 billion rubles to pay off the mortgage
The Russian government will additionally send 11.8 billion rubles to support large families who pay off mortgage loans. This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a government meeting.
At least 26 thousand families will receive another 12 billion rubles to pay off the mortgage
"Today we will additionally allocate 11.8 billion rubles from the budget to support at least 26 thousand families."

At the suggestion of the president, the state helps to fully or partially repay the mortgage to families where the third child and subsequent children were born after January 1, 2019.

"The amount of such payment is 450 thousand rubles. This year, more than 23 billion rubles have been allocated from the budget for this purpose."

This is one of the most demanded measures of social support for parents with children, and the government decided to increase such support for large families to improve their living conditions through mortgages.

Recall that the Russian government will compensate 35% of the price of housing for young families with children, 5 billion rubles will be allocated for this. A corresponding decree has been signed, which will allow families with children to use payments for the purchase and construction of housing not only economy, but also of a higher class, or for refinancing mortgages.

Russia has a historic chance to fundamentally solve the housing issue and this opportunity must not be missed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier at a meeting on national projects.

The Russian government has launched a number of programs to support citizens and construction, which has traditionally been one of the drivers of economic growth. At the same time, the Bank of Russia lowers the key rate, and banks reduce the cost of housing loans. And the combination of such conditions - huge state support, preferential mortgages and mobilization of builders' resources - allows Russia to make a breakthrough and solve the housing problem in the country in a short time, build new houses, reduce the demand for apartments, and help many move to comfortable housing.

Buyers of apartments plan to inform the service life of new buildings

Developers are obliged to inform apartment buyers about the expiration date of new buildings. The Union of Consumers of the Russian Federation applied to the Ministry of Construction with such a proposal. This is necessary for young people who take a mortgage for 20 years to buy an apartment in new buildings. They risk being left homeless and with debt if the house is recognized as emergency, for example, 15 years after it was put into operation.

The Ministry of Construction is offered to develop a new standard for the shelf life of houses, which is mandatory for developers at the stages of examination and approval of the project, as well as acceptance of houses.

In the event of an increase in the introduction of such a GOST and an increase in the warranty period of the house, the cost of apartments in it will increase, experts predict. Now developers, in order to reduce the cost of houses and apartments, do not improve the quality of new buildings - they do not spend money on sound insulation, good materials. As a result, new houses, not even 10 years old, need repairs.
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